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Summer Incentives Yield $32,000 in Employee Recognition

Last week, we celebrated the culmination of a number of summer incentives that were targeting summer challenges in ensuring coverage in key frontline areas. A number of programs were launched – many in response to ideas brought forth by staff members.  A summary of those programs and all who participated is pretty impressive:

CNA/RSA “+1” $500 Bonus: CNA’s and RSA’s who committed to an extra shift each week through September 15th received an extra $500.  Working an extra day all summer (max 2 call-ins allowed) when it might have been more fun to be at the beach or hanging out with friends.   These 10 folks gave us the equivalent of two Full Time Employee’s of coverage and collectively earned $5,000!

Presence Bonus:  Summer can present priorities that are sometimes in conflict with finding the energy to get to work.  Reducing absences means better coverage, which is valuable across the board. A $100 bonus was offered across-the-board for anyone who was not absent, and 126 people hit that level of perfection in virtually all departments, collectively earning $12,600!

Referral & Sign On Bonuses: The source of the best new people tends to be those already here.  Seven people made that effort, collectively earning $7,000!  The referral/sign on bonus remains for referral/sign-on of 3-11 CNA’s.  All other positions continue to have a $300 referral bonus.

Priority Shift Stop & Shop Cards: The most significant crunch times were lessened – 151 times!  Just over $7,500 in cards were earned, each Friday distributed for the week prior.

Additionally, $35k in shift coverage add-on plus time and a half when over 40 hours was earned by many. An investment in better coverage, from outstanding people!






Broad Reach Healthcare employees who were recognized at the award ceremony.