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Broad Reach Healthcare One of Select Few Offering Paid Paternal Leave

NORTH CHATHAM,  MA — July  2015– Broad Reach Healthcare is joining the few Massachusetts companies to offer its full time employees paid parental leave.

Although the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act was recently expanded, granting up to eight weeks of unpaid time off to fathers as well as mothers,   Broad Reach Healthcare is going beyond compliance with this law by providing this parental leave time as a paid leave to its employees for the care of a biological or adopted child.

 Bill Bogdanovich, Owner and CEO of Broad Reach Health Care, elaborates:  “Everyone here works hard to provide the excellent service, compassion and care we offer at Broad Reach; they deserve the same quality of care for themselves and their families.  Our staff members do amazing work 24 hours a day and hopefully this helps them know that they are part of a family that cares for them.  The first year with a new child in the house can be exciting — really cool, but pretty hard work too.  To help new families spend more time at home, especially early on, can hopefully make that hard work a little easier.”

 “Google, Yahoo and Facebook do it.  That says that they feel it’s worth it as a way of recruiting and retaining the best employees.  But it shouldn’t just be the Googles of the world where an enhanced benefit like this can be provided.  By working it into our business model now it can hopefully strengthen the foundation from which we operate.”

 “We are especially proud to introduce this, not because there’s a law that says it has to be done, but because it is a key way to support the once in a lifetime challenges that staff members face.  For sure, it benefits the individuals — we typically have 3 or 4 staff members who become parents each year.  But in addition, research shows that it helps keep people — increasing the chances that they come back, and stay.  Hiring and training new people can be difficult and expensive, so supporting an environment where that’s less necessary extends the good to all of us working here, as well as those we serve.”

Under the new policy, after the birth or adoption of a child into their home, a full time employee will be able to be paid 80% of their regular wages for the first 8 weeks of their leave.

Meagan Eldredge has worked at Liberty Commons for almost five years, currently a Certified Nursing Assistant, but also just graduated from the nursing program at Upper Cape Tech.  She’s also going to be a new mom in a few months and will be one of the first employees to benefit from this new program.  “This is a different kind of chance to enjoy the excitement of the first few months after the baby arrives – it takes the financial concerns and pressures away and will probably make it easier to transition back to work in the fall.”