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Broad Reach Hospice’s Holistic Approach To Care

Chatham, MA – Broad Reach Hospice added more depth to their program by holding a Reiki training session for their team to incorporate complementary services to the End of Life care they provide. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an energy healing technique that offers a non-invasive and non-pharmacological approach to not only promote wellness, but also provide symptom relief. It is intended to help patients with stress management, relaxation, decreased perception of pain, reduced anxiety, and improved emotional balance and overall quality of life. Pamela J. DeNapoli, owner of Holistic Soul Studio in Sagamore Beach, provided this training for ten BRH employees and volunteers. Pam is a Reiki Healer and Reiki Master, trained in the method of Mikao Usui, the principal founder of Reiki in the 1800’s and a firm believer in the vision of holism in healthcare.

Renee Bryden, OT/RN, and Broad Reach Hospice Educator and Quality Coordinator explains that palliative medicine and complementary therapies have developed as parallel philosophies of care. These adjunct therapies to conventional medical treatment have been documented to improve quality of life when curative treatment is no longer an option. Bryden shared anecdotal evidence of the profound relaxation effect this has had on her patients, particularly on their psychospiritual wellbeing. “This was an incredible opportunity that we opened to all disciplines on the hospice team. Our patients will now be enveloped in healing energy. I’m so proud of the team’s interest in learning new ways to elevate the care of our patients” said Carla Torres, RN, Hospice Administrator.