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Confronting the Workforce Housing Challenge

Cape Cod is a great place to live, but it’s not easy finding a place to live in. The workforce housing initiative tries to make that a little easier with innovative options open to Broad Reach staff members.

The high cost of Cape Cod real estate has probably made “cheap rent” a thing of the past. The Captain Haskell Rose building at 1455 Main Street in West Chatham will now also be known as the Broad Reach Highland Lodge.

Its first floor will be home to Broad Reach Hospice’s field office. Upstairs, there are six 1-bedroom apartments. Over time*, these units will become the next phase of our unique workforce housing initiative.

It will be possible to provide a number of special pricing options for employees and candidates for employment, including:

  • Preferred access.
  • Rent deferrals – initial period, seasonal (when utilities are higher in the winter!).
  • First/Last/Security considerations – reducing out of pocket cash.
  • Weekly payroll deduction rather than writing big checks on the 1st.

Units will be made available to both current and prospective full time employees.

*In some ways, the Captain Haskell Rose apartments have already
 been "workforce friendly", with Lighthouse Realty prioritizing 
more affordable rents than the market would make possible. All
 current tenants have been offered renewals of their current leases 
(without the employee options, available only to BRH staff members).