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FIVE BY FIVE: Virtual Walk For Alzheimer’s

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

If we were living in normal times, yesterday would have found us at Brooks Park in Harwich celebrating community at the Dave Birtwell Memorial Walk for Alzheimer’s, dancing to the Sound Dunes and eating burgers hot from Ed McManus’s grill. But these are not normal times. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has kept us from being together, it has not diminished our need to community or our ability to come together in different ways. Last year’s walk raised $75,000, a large number for small nonprofit like ours, even larger when it represents a potential loss. In Place of the Dave Birtwell Walk, this year the Alzheimer’s Family Support Center brings you 5 BY FIVE: the AFSC Virtual Walk for Alzheimer’s. 5 BY FIVE is based on the way COVID-19 has spread: one person infected three people, each of those three infected three more, etc. Not be outdone, the AFSC uses this deadly math to beat the pandemic at tits own game: one person walks to support free Alzheimer’s services and donates $5, then invites five more to join. Each of those five donates $5 and invites five more. From now until June 13th, we will be walking in our houses, around yards, or through our neighborhoods – to raise money for free services. Our goal is to get hundreds of people to help carry our Alzheimer’s families through this challenging time. Clink on this link to see the Birtwell Family FIVE BY FIVE Virtual Walk Kick-off video, with music by Michael Lavender. Then donate $5 and get your own walk page started. Next, cut and paste the link to send five people and invite them to walk with you virtually!