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Honored with Eli Pick Facilty Leadership Award

Broad Reach Healthcare Achieves

Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award

          Each year, the American College of Health Care Administrators recognizes leadership at the top-performing skilled nursing facilities across the country through its Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award.

Recipients of this award are selected based on data-driven principles, publicly collected from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS), and from an independent third-party survey.

For a facility to become eligible for this award there are a strict set of requirements that must be met. According to ACHCA the requirements include:

  • No regulatory survey (Health, Fire Safety and Complaint) determinations in the past three years with an “actual harm “finding. 
  • Occupancy of at least 80% as defined by CMS Survey report, which is a key indicator of financial stability.
  • Average Quality Measure scores equal to or better than the top quartile nationally in at least two of the following areas:
    • Pain Management
    • Occurrence of Pressure Ulcers
    • Occurrence of Urinary Tract Infections
    • Psychotropic Medication Prescription/Utilization
    • Improvement in Physical Function

One can clearly see that the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award is a very exclusive club. Only about 7% of facilities nationwide qualified. In Massachusetts only 44 achieved this distinction, and Liberty Commons is one of only three on Cape Cod to have been honored.

Liberty Commons administrator Nury Cronin will receive the award at the ACHCA National Convocation in Louisville, KY in March. She remarks that the achievement is significant “not just for successfully meeting its technical requirements, but as an indicator of an extraordinary staff’s ability to help those entrusted to its care sift through the many challenges that are present in the provision of healthcare today, without losing site of what matters most to those we serve.”


This award was introduced in 2008 to remember a true leader among the ACHCA, Eli Pick. Eli was an excellent administrator. For 30 years he served as executive director of the Ballard Rehabilitation Center, DesPlaines, IL. Eli and his colleague, John Sherian wanted to show appreciation for hardworking facilities, so together they established an awards system that uses data-driven principles to recognize the best operating nursing homes. When Eli passed, the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award was established in his honor.


 Administrator, Nury Cronin shares news on the award with CNA, Andrew Mendes and Resident Council President, Grace Noferi


For more information about the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award go to:

Established in Chatham in 1986, Broad Reach Healthcare has grown into a multifaceted health care community with services including, Liberty Commons Rehabilitation & Skilled Care Center, The Victorian Assisted Living Residence, Broad Reach Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic, Broad Reach Hospice & Palliative Care and CareDocComm, a post-acute care practice.