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Liberty Commons Named Top Nursing Home by US News & World Report

Liberty Commons at Broad Reach Healthcare, a leader of rehabilitation and skilled nursing care in Massachusetts, is named one of the nation’s Best Nursing Homes by U.S. News & World Report, a leading expert in the evaluation and rating of health care providers across the country.

Of the 15,000 nursing homes evaluated nationwide in 2018-2019 only 2,975 were included in US News’s top nursing homes. In Massachusetts 131 were considered one of US News’s best nursing homes. Broad Reach Liberty Commons is honored to be part of this select few of top-rated skilled nursing facilities.

All the nursing homes were rated in two different categories:

  • Overall Quality
  • Quality in Short-stay Rehabilitation.

Broad Reach Liberty Commons was rated high performing in both categories, showing it is well deserved to be part of US News’s best nursing home 2018-2019.

US News also evaluated facilities overall nursing staffing and medical care quality measures: both long-stay and short-stay as well as rehabilitation measures. Broad Reach Liberty Commons measures in both Nursing Staff and Rehabilitation were rated in the “better than average” and “high performing” categories.

In some cases, Broad Reach Liberty Commons ranked better than State and US averages in short-stay quality measures. For example, the percentage of residents hospitalized or sent to the emergency department after being admitted to Broad Reach Liberty Commons are a few areas ranked better or lower than the State and US averages. All of which are indicated in the following chart.

An even deeper look at the US News ratings affirms that Broad Reach Liberty Commons has an excellent rehabilitation program for long-stay and short-stay residents. Broad Reach Liberty Commons ranked more efficient with 79. 5% of its patients in short-term stay improving their functional abilities while, only an average of 66.3% of patients improved in other facilities on Cape Cod.

While at Liberty Commons, we strive to provide our patients with the best possible rehabilitation services to insure a successful return to the community at a high level of function” noted Chris Jones, MS, PT, DPT, CSCS, Director of Rehabilitation.

Combining this level of achievement with the noted efficiencies in the delivery of services does not happen by accident”, adds Liberty Commons’ administrator, Nury Cronin. “The way our team of clinicians, from nursing to therapy to social work and medical practitioners come together to work through challenges helps patients leap barriers, physical and otherwise, that would not usually be possible.

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