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Surprises Bookend the Week

Twice last week, there were surprises.

First, as Tuesday mid-day arrived, tornadoes touched down on the Cape. Harwich and Chatham were  both hard hit, and all of Chatham was without electricity for a period of time. Generators at Liberty Commons and The Victorian kept things humming along, and the Broad Reach Hospice staff moved into the library at LC for the day on Wednesday to keep things as close to business as usual as possible.

Our properties sustained only tree damage, although two staff members’ vehicles caught one of those falling trees. Fortunately, no people were injured.

As Crews worked to restore power and clear fallen trees in our community, there was word that some Eversource workers were being accosted by people demanding that their properties receive immediate attention. An unfortunate reflection of the way some feel completed to address difficult situations, perhaps.

At about 11 PM Wednesday night, Karen Loughlin messaged Nury and me that she wondered if we might offer those crews some nourishment and gratitude. As we all know, feeding people is what Karen does, so she was taking out familiar tools and hoping to build something great.

 We spread word back through social media and Chatham Emergency Services to the crews that they were welcome at Liberty Commons’ BBQ on Friday.

And we had not only a fine turnout, nut its social media presence has people reminding each other that it’s really what we’re all about….finding a way to make a challenging time a little less challenging.

Check out the comments on Facebook @ This second unexpected/unplanned part of the week was a nice turn of events! This second unexpected/unplanned part of the week was a nice turn of events!

It was a real privilege to be in the right place at the right time on Friday, and see how much that break was appreciated. Thanks, Karen, for an idea that did a good thing and reminded the community that we’re a place where good things are done.

And thanks to all who dodged wires and trees on Tuesday to find their way to be where we needed them, without exception!

Bill Bogdanovich